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As a disaster base hospital, we have been the first in the National Hospital Organization to adopt a base-isolated structure. With the latest equipment installed, we have a disaster prevention system highly effective in emergencies.

  • Clinical Research Center

  • Clinical Research Center【P3】

Clinical Research Center (Research)

This hospital, as one of the medical policies our country needs to promote, holds a position of being an advanced specialist treatment facility undertaking pioneering treatment in the liver disease field as well as intractable disease diagnosis, education, information sharing, clinical research, and diagnostic treatment in order to strengthen the functioning of treatment techniques.

The Clinical Research Center was set up as part of the strengthening of the solid research structure mentioned above.

The center also performs research guidance for graduate students through the liver disease studies course of the Nagasaki University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

Regional Medical Collaboration Room

Regional Medical Collaboration Room

Over the last few years the momentum for hospital-hospital and hospital-clinic collaboration has greatly increased, with the catchphrase of “from self-contained medical treatment to region-based medical treatment”.

With each medical facility bearing part of the workload and the whole region treating patients together, we will be able to offer an even higher level of continual treatment to our people.

In March 2003, our hospital was approved as the regional medical support hospital.

By making more solid our collaborations with regional medical facilities, we offer an even higher level of good quality medical care.


Disaster Prevention Center (1F)

Base-isolated structure (B2)

Because the building and the foundations are kept separate by the base-isolation layer, even in the case of an earthquake occurring, we can fulfill our role of a wide-area disaster treatment center.

General Information Center


  • Rooftop Garden

    Rooftop Garden

  • Gallery Hall (10F)

    Gallery Hall (10F)

  • Library