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In January, 2005, this hospital was designated “A Central Hospital for Cooperation in Clinical Oncology” by the Minister of Health and Labor.

A Central Hospital for Cooperation in Clinical Oncology is a medical facility designated by the national government in order to provide a high level of medical care for cancer patients anywhere in the country. As a hospital playing a central role in providing secondary medical care, we provide specialized cancer treatment as well as cooperate with medical facilities in the area to provide coordinated medical care.

The Clinical Oncology Structure of Nagasaki Medical Center

  • Placement of Specialized Staff

    We have doctors and nurses with specialization in various types of cancer.

  • Provision of High Level Diagnostic and Treatment Equipment

    We provid the highest level of medical equipment to ensure highly accurate diagnosis and treatment, along with intensive care and isolation rooms.

  • Standard as well as Practical Treatment

    Abiding by guidelines from every medical discipline, we provide standard as well as high level practical treatment.

  • Multi-disciplinary Treatment

    We practice multi-disciplinary treatment, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and palliative care for coordinated, cooperative care of each patient.

  • Palliative Care brought by a Palliative Care Team

    A Palliative Care Team, made up of specialized doctors, nurses certified in cancer pain management, pharmacists, social workers and the like, is in operation to care for patients.

  • Outpatient Chemotherapy Center

    We established an Outpatient Chemotherapy Center, and are actively practicing outpatient chemotherapy.

  • Second Opinion Outpatient Clinic

    We accept medical “second opinions” at our Second Opinion Outpatient Clinic. We also allow the presentation of second opinions.

  • Cancer Clearing house

    In order to respond to questions from cancer patients and their families, we have established a Cancer Clearing house (Consultative Support Center).

  • Coordinated Care

    We are very active in practicing coordination with area doctors and medical facilities for cancer patients.

  • Training Meetings, etc., to Improve Cancer Care in the Region

    We strive to improve cancer care in the region through such things as joint conferences and lectures in the use of pharmaceuticals in cancer treatment, aimed at related medical personnel in the region.

  • Cancer Record Keeping in the Hospital

    In order to grasp and analyze the state of cancer treatment in our hospital, thus contributing to the advancement and improvement of cancer treatment, we are careful to record every detail.

  • Experimental Treatments

    In order to develop new cancer drugs, we are active in pursuing experimental treatments.

  • Clinical Practicums

    Aiming for more effective cancer treatment, we hold clinical practicums in cooperation with universities and cancer centers.

Types of Cancer Treated

Type of Cancer Responsible Department
Pharynx / Tongue / Upper and Lower Jaw Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)
Esophagus Surgery
Stomach Surgery / Gastroenterology
Colon, Rectum Surgery / Gastroenterology
Liver Surgery / Hepatology
Bile Duct Surgery / Hepatology
Pancreas Surgery / Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Lung Surgery / Dpt.of Respiratory Disease
Breast Surgery
Uterus / Ovary Gynecology
Kidney Urology
Prostate / Bladder Urology
Skin Dermatology / Plastic Surgery
Bone and related structures Orthopedic Surgery
Leukemia, Lymphatic Cancer Hematology
Infant Pediatrics